Free Oligo Synthesis Starter Kit:

A starter kit provides the mean to test our EZ-platform with an excess of 250 syntheses. It contains:

(1) EZ-frits derivatized with a catechol-based universal linker and bound activators (ACTIVA). The kit contains:

  • 50 UL1-EZ50 nmol ACTIVA Frit pre-packed in Columns
  • 50 UL1-EZ50 nmol ACTIVA Frits
  • 100 UL1-EZ100 nmol ACTIVA Frits
  • 50 UL1-EZ200 nmol ACTIVA Frit
  • 02 UL1-EZ 1 µmol ACTIVA Columns

(2) An experienced user procedure that covers the entire oligo production process in a 7 steps guideline.

(3) A thorough instruction manual that covers all aspects of oligo synthesis (Synthesis Parameters, Protocols download instruction, Reagent preparation, Plate preparation, Cleavage and deprotection, desalting and purification…).

(4) Accessories that are needed to produce oligos (amidites and ancillary reagents not included):

Inserter and extractor to load and extract frits into/from EZ Columns:


Other accessories such as Vacuum Manifold (For post-synthesis purification/desalting treatment) and SPOT box (For deprotection) can be borrowed during your EZ platform trial and can be purchased or returned upon trial completion:

Why switching to UL1-ACTIVA EZ frits?

EZ-frits are made by embedding Activa-CPG in a polyethylene network. Loading in universal linker (UL1) are 25, 50, 100, 200 nmol or 1µmol /frit.  EZ frits are compatible with any High-Throughput synthesizer using 96-well plates with active draining (pressure or vacuum). ACTIVA EZ-frits retain the reagents during the synthesis as long as needed, which yield efficient and reproducible couplings.   Other noteworthy features of ACTIVA frits:

  • Lower reagent consumption compared to CPG or Polystyrene based columns:

Reagent volumes are reduced by 30-50% compared to traditional columns.

  • Lower reagent concentration compared to other frits or columns:



EZ50 ACTIVA frit

EZ50 HCE frit





Concentration (mMol)






12 x

10 x

20 x

50 x

Volume delivered (µl)





Activator bound to the frit surface increase coupling rate: lower excess of activator (ETT) and amidites are needed for ≥99.5% coupling efficiency.

Free Priming-free Trityl-On Purification Cartridges Kit:

A purification starter kit provides the mean to test our EZ-platform on 96-well plate format with an excess of 60 Columns. It contains:

- 50nmol ezMOP Column     :  25 columns

- 100nmol ezMOP Column   :  25 columns

- 200nmol ezMOP Column   :  10 columns

REQUEST for a free starter kit.