Under licensed by CTGen (USA), PHUSA Chem is the exclusive manufacturer of products for oligonucleotide synthesis and purification that are protected by three US patents granted to CTGen (6,590,092; 7,579,459 and 7,691,316).

       The PHUSA synthesis EZ-platform provides all support consumables, accessories, and protocols needed for the synthesis then desalting/purification of oligonucleotides at scales ranging from nmol to µmol. Our technical service will guide you online or, if you desire, will come to your site to implement the EZ-Platform on your DNA synthesizers.


Our universal support highlights:

  • 1nmol to 10 µmol scale available
  • ≥ 99.5 % coupling efficiency
  • Very low synthesis failure rate
  • Up to 50% lower reagent consumption relative to CPG columns
  • Up to 50% amidite and activator saving
  • Direct desalting
  • Compatible with all High-Throughput synthesizers

DMT-ON purification cartridge highlights:

  • Fast processing (no priming required)
  • Low buffer consumption
  • High OD recovery
  • Variety of scales: 1 nmol to 10 µmol

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