About Us

Founded in 2008 as a manufacturing site, PHUSA Biochem evolved into a research and development centered company employing 40 scientist.

Our activity is focused on R&D in Chemistry, Biology, and Instrumentation related to DNA sciences. Phusa has many academic and industrial partners conducting joint R&D projects.

Today, most of our products are developed internally and sold worldwide. Using established QC processes, Phusa delivered highly reliable and thourougly tested products


Some key achievements:

  • Implementation of an oligo production service in Vietnam with a capacity of 700 oligo/ day, and using the most up to date instruments, chemistries and processes available
  • Our Taq PHUSA is a successful example of collaboration between PHUSA and Dr. Hop lab to jointly developed the enzyme and bring it to the market.
  • Successfully developed and launched our PHUSA PCR Mix that can be stored at room temperature for many months.
  • Launching of our PCR Analyzer by the end of the 1st quarter of 2014


Future projects:

  • Development of new oligo synthesis platform in collaboration with Ha Noi University of Sciences & Technology, Can Tho University, Materials Science institute in HCMC,
  • Antisens Oligo project for gene therapy in collaboration with Dr Kinh of the center of Gene Therapy
  • PCR on solid phase
  • DNA array chips